Where's the 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina?

The 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina includes all of Abbeville, Anderson, Edgefield, Greenwood, McCormick, Oconee, Pickens, and Saluda counties, as well as most of Laurens County.

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  • Member, SMBC
  • Honorable Discharge, US Army
  • Graduate, SC State University
  • Widowed Father & Grandfather
  • Self Employed Businessman
  • 2016​ Democratic Candidate US House

There should be no regrets for those who shared our experience during the Cleveland for Congress Campaign.  We didn’t have our way with the results we wanted, but we did have our way in getting there.  With very limited funds and little personnel experience for a federal campaign, our small staff demonstrated much talent and skill to come within a single digit margin of our expectations, should results not favor us.

We trust our campaign was impactful to all those throughout  SC/D-3 who worked together with our campaign.  We want to express a very heartfelt thanks to the OCDP for their contributions, and much thanks to our volunteers.  May our SCDP continue it's growth in leadership and wisdom.  Thanks for all you do for SC.

Not since 1928 has the Republican Party held the Executive, Senate and House.  We should all forever be mindful that even the political arena has a code of ethics, and our support should never be given to anyone that would stoop to the level of discourse we witnessed in 2016.  Let us all work with the DNC and also agree - a century from now would be too soon to have a repeat of this 2016 election.

Hosea N. Cleveland

'16 Dem US House Rep Candidate

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